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The Diaries of Sa' Mara Psalms Volume II: Bitter; Sweet Heart String Symphony


I give to you my poetry; torn directly out of the pages of my diaries. Where I put ink to paper, expressed my most inner private feelings, where I wrote prayers to GOD, romantic LOVE letters, poems, psalms, mantras and just ultimately let my gift of writing that GOD gave me take over my diary’s pages. This poetry book is the writings from my second diary out of many-many more. Volume Two: Bitter; Sweet; Heart String Symphony was written in 2003; my poetry continued to birth out of my soul. Poetically documenting this bluesy LOVE song ballad with a beating pain percussion orchestra that echoed a bitter; sweet melody, that I called LOVE-it harmonized with my soul and my inner tempo as I endured this pseudo LOVE Symphony. This poetry book is an entire year of my writings captured; suspended in time for you to read; for this very day. Stay on this journey with me; read Volume One then Volume Two along with other Volumes to come. Read the genesis of my story and hear the revelation of the ending of my story hidden in the poems. Read more

About Sa'Mara Psalms

Time period 1981, Ronald Reagan was the President; Duke Ellington the Jazz Orchestra leader-composer-pianist musical titled “Sophisticated Ladies”, premiered on Broadway, and the world mourned the loss of the greatest reggae musician and singer Bob Marley. Musically, theatrically and creatively the planet was making a great movement in the arts. This was the year I was born. Read more


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“On my mind day and night; consuming all of me notwithstanding my sight; I do not wish my story on anybody; not even the slightest thief." Read more

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