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The Diaries of Sa' Mara Psalms Volume V:  I Am a Conquering Lion Soul


I give to you my poetry; torn directly out of the pages of my diaries. Where I put ink to paper, expressed my most inner private feelings, where I wrote prayers to GOD, romantic LOVE letters, poems, psalms, mantras and just ultimately let my gift of writing that GOD gave me take over my diary’s pages. This poetry book is the writings from my fifth diary out of many-many more.

Volume V: I Am a Conquering Lion Soul writings were written in 2006, sounding a mighty reverberating alarm that was symbolized as a roar from within my soul that trembled my spirit and seized my attention with no reluctance nor unwillingness. A Lioness strength resonated in Volume Five’s lyrics echoed in the poem titled, “You” and “Talking Eyes” bestowing depth and courage in the midst of my LOVING heart accompanied with sadness. The poem titled, “Behind the Scenes” revealed how my pain was so deep and how I needed to sincerely let go of this LOVE, which was treating me UNLOVINGLY. I was gracefully budding like a black orchid, at the same time of my disheartening pain. Read more

About Sa' Mara Psalms

Author Sa’ Mara Psalms, is a writer, poet, psalmist, song writer, fashion designer, a humanitarian and a philanthropist. She is currently 35 years old, and is writing carefree and generously in the state of Texas. She is an advocate in promoting the free choice of having real LOVE in your life and wholeheartedly believes that everyone deserves real LOVE and can ultimately choose real LOVE for themselves. Volume V unveils another layer of Sa’ Mara’s poetically unique style of writing and her lyrical rhythmic brilliance all while exposing deeper tiers of her youth’s LOVE story that transpired a strength from within her. Shepherding her to wipe her tears away and keeping going positively forward. A strength that she named her, “Conquering Lion Soul” only at the age of 25.
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Excerpt from the Book

“I hear the tremors of an exuberant voice. A voice that has not yet, intellectually emerged...” Read more

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